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Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

If you play games on gaming console like Xbox, then probably you are aware with the fact that to access the advanced features, unlock new things like map, weapons and play it in multiplayer mode you need to have a live gold membership. If you have any douts like How can I redeem Xbox Live codes online? this never comes for free as you need to spend some money to purchase the Xbox Live Gold Membership. But, you don’t have to panic as there is a way available that can help you to earn the membership without any money and this is possible with Xbox Live Codes for free. Below are some of the effective ways to earn live codes for free.

Earn Xbox Live Codes for Free using XBL Reward

XBL is the reward site from where one can easily earn the free Xbox Live Codes simply by downloading the applications and completing a few simple tasks assigned to you. In order to earn free $10 Xbox live gift card code, you need to earn around 1000 points by simply completing the assigned tasks. This point can be earned easily within 1-2 hours if everything goes well. You can even earn up to $50 live codes for free on this reward site.

Create New Xbox Account to Get 14 Days of Free Xbox Live Codes

If you want to enjoy the access to a premium level of the games for free like a gold member, you need to create a new account to get a 14 days trial for Xbox Live Codes. You are required to sign up for Microsoft account and go to the subscription page and choose the 14 days free trial and then click the “Next” button. But it is necessary that you add the credit card detail for successful registration. You have to provide the billing details and follow the other processes to complete the process and earn the 14 days trial for live codes.

Get Free Xbox Live Codes Using Reddit Giveaways

Reddit is the platform from where you can access some of the valuable details and information. Reading details and news on this site can help you earn free Xbox Live Codes and gift cards. It is the most engaging community where you will find some experienced content keepers. The site is filled with many different posts and content which allow you to earn free live codes simply by reading it. You will find several game cheats and threads and these are created for desperate games who are looking for free live codes to enjoy the premium features in the game.

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Aptoide – The New App Store For Your Device

Are you tired and bored of the normal app stores on your device and want to enjoy something new and amazing? If you are searching for an app that can make the best applications accessible to your TV set that is powered by android as well as your phones, then Aptoide is the thing you have been looking for. It is specifically tailored for bringing you the best apps around. The name of the application is coined from two words – APT and oide. It refers to a combination of a package manager to the OS on which it is designed to run, the Android. On a date, the app offers service in over 40 different dialects and currently has more than 100 million users with over 3 billion downloads. Currently, the store offers nearly a million apps for its users.

Settings enable clients to design application for most noteworthy experience

You can customize the settings in Aptoide and allow it to bring up suggestions for the best apps that you may like depending on your browsing history as well as the list of your Aptoide download apps. You need to get the file from the official website of the app or download it from the other websites on the web. This is due to the reason that the Google Play Store does not offer the app. You need to toggle in the permission for installing files from ‘Unknown Sources’ in the settings of your android device.

Once the Aptoide app is installed on your device, you can change the default store for your device as well as add in more stores. You can find a lot of apps that are available for download across multiple web stores. In cases when the URL of a store is used to add it, Aptoide works on archiving the application list for it and save it in local drives. You can then search the other stores online or look through the applications on this app.

Aptoide – best ways to get the app and install it

The following are the absolute most basic was to introduce Aptoide application store on any Android gadget.

Aptoide by the web browser

You can use the default web browser of your android gadget to install Aptoide with ease. All you need to do is follow the steps to get the store installed:

Aptoide by the web browser


  • 1. Use the internet browser that comes built in with your android device and visit the official page of the app
  • 2. Tap on the option to Install Aptoide TV. The app is also accessible as Aptoide lite as well as a specified version for tablet devices
  • 3. In order to install the downloaded file, locate it on your local drive and tap on the install button
  • 4. You have installed the app on your device and can now use it

Introduce Aptoide installer

If you get the Aptoide installer, all of your work will be automatically done. Just tap on the installer and you can start enjoying Aptoide very soon.

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Safari Download for Windows PC - It is Possible?

Safari browser is called as one of the best web browser till date that is developed by Apple Company based on engine of WebKit. It released first in the year 2003 with the Mac OS X Panther, in mobile version that is included in devices of iOS since introduction of iPhone in the year 2007. It is default browser on the apple devices. Things have changed a lot in this browser and Safair 5 has come long way with the introduction as new reader icon for easy reading in only one page, the fast page loading times and even the improved support of HTML5 for better stability and video support.

Attractive features

All original features called as the tabs on top for easy page management and even the cover flow for flipping through bookmarked sites iTunes styles is even retained well. Similarly, Safari on Windows 10 is called as one of the very first browser for the windows to widely introduce some of the top sites and this was the most attractive aspect of Safari.  The top sites also shows panoramic thumbnail views of most visited sites all together in one screen. One can click simply on windows that you want to visit for going directly to site. If you are willing to visit same sites on regular basis, the top sites by them are convenient way for accessing them easily as soon as you switch to your browser, without bookmark access.

safari for PC Download

It is even the best way to track sites that you most frequently visit and one can lock the favorite’s site at one single place so that one can always get to know where it was when you open the browser, Safari For windows Download. Sites with star in corner also denote the same with new content so that one can instantly watch which ones are updated. Moreover, the cover flow is familiar to all the users of iTunes, letting all browse through bookmarks through full page spread of sites as they all looked last time when you used them. The basic principle is based entirely on flipping through albums in this iTunes. Though, it appears as cool, the usefulness are questionable.

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Tinder for PC free Download Windows 7/8/10 - Tinder App Download

Howdy, How would you say you are? how was your day going on today? Again today our group accompanied a most recent app, i.e Tinder For PC. In this instructional exercise we says on the best way to download Tinder For PC, Windows 10,8.1,8 and 7, XP and Mac. Tinder is an Android App and iOS application too which makes you to speak with your known ones and relatives companions over its Tinder network. It is another better approach to express your perspectives and musings with your companions and other interesting people. Now-a-days Tinder has turned out to be most mainstream application for both android and windows inside a limited ability to focus time, and tinder clients began hunting on the web down how to download Tinder For PC.

Tinder is and Android/iOS App which influences you to speak with every one of the general population you to know and weird individuals over its Tinder network. Tinder is the most prominent App, more than 9 millions matches have been made on Tinder network. Tinder is otherwise called the world's most sizzling application when Magazine. Joining in the tinder is so natural and free it takes just 60 seconds to set up. There is no structures and inquiries to fill out. If you are new to Tinder and need this application for Android gadgets you can download this application in Google Play Store and I Phones/I Pads you can download Tinder App from Apple Store. To download Tinder For PC take after this instructional exercise carefully, Before downloading Tinder App experience its highlights given beneath.

Tinder Online Login

Download Tinder For PC, Windows 10, Laptop,XP and MAC :

Presently lets head onto the genuine instructional exercise on the best way to download Tinder for PC on Windows/Mac. we have just implied you that tinder pc adaptation isn't accessible for pc's. to have the capacity to utilize Tinder on PC you need any of the android of the android emulator introduced on your PC. These emulator help you to run a wide range of android applications and amusements on PC. Bluestacks is the No 1. Android Emulator and we prescribed to utilize it. In case in the event that you don't about the bluestacks android emulator or how to download it tap on the beneath connection to download it.

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Wifi Router | Wireless Routers for Home | NETGEAR

Wireless Router are used to connect various devices with each other or to the Internet. Mainly people use these routers to connect their devices to the web via Wi-Fi. So there are very much needed to create a network anywhere. Nowadays people use the Netgear wireless routers in their home or office, and it is one of the most popular brands that manufactures routers.

PC Gamer says the Netgear router is the fastest Best Gaming Routers they've tested. See how it's designed for the ultimate gaming experience. Enjoy seamless connectivity when playing online games with this Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming router.

But sometimes you might get some problem regarding its connectivity. It will show error while connecting you to the internet or connecting any other device. In this article, I am going to show you some of the techniques how to setup netgear router easily and through which you can solve the Netgear Wireless Router not working problems.

Netgear Wireless Router

Trouble Shoot Wireless Network Problem:

The router may create problem while connecting your device to the internet. And to make the device work aging smoothly, you have to fix the problem. So below I will give you some techniques to solve the problem regarding your Netgear wireless Router.

  1. You have to turn off the wireless connection and then connect your PC directly to the router through an Ethernet cable.
  2. Then restart the computer and see whether it gets an internet connection or not.
  3. If then also you won’t be able to connect then reboot your router.
  4. You can also check if the computer is getting any signal while connected directly to your modem.
  5. Then also if you are unable to get the connection then contact your service provider.

If wifi strength is weak:

If you fail to connect your device to the network, wireless is due to weak Wi-Fi strength. Then following are the ways through which you can connect your device ti the internet.

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Michael Dell's Per Diem Web

Many transactional customers can't bring themselves to pull the trigger on web sales, however. They may use Dell Online's pull-down menus to customize and price systems but, for a variety of reasons, make the final deal over the phone. Dell counts such a customer's purchase as web sales if the customer calls the toll-free number on the web site, but not if the customer calls from a print ad.

The big money-online or not-is with big customers. And "the key to getting to 50 percent is converting our biggest customers to electronic orders," Dell says. "There's a longer lead time than with consumers or small business. Happily, we're seeing the move. But we're certainly not there yet." Perhaps that's because, as Eckert admits, Dell was slow to address enterprise-level customers on its site. "It took a lot of effort to address consumers and small businesses," he says. "Corporate customers are more complicated. They have a special set of needs."

Among the biggest is topnotch support. It's obvious enough how Dell benefits from moving support to the web-saving money in phone calls and personnel costs, for example. Putting order-tracking information online has been a huge cost savings for Dell, too. But Eckert says customers also save money.


Dell has set up more than 8,000 "Premier Pages" on the Dell site. Premier Pages are, in effect, mini-sites holding a variety of information specific to a customer, including detailed technical information that gives a customer access to information in Dell's own support database. Dell sees this support as key in persuading customers to buy online. For customers who order online (and even for those who don't), the Premier Pages are where they'll find the specific configurations and prices they've negotiated with Dell.

Some customers found it a natural move to web purchasing. Database company Informix has been buying online from Dell for 18 months, says Greg Mustard, a buyer for Informix, which has standardized on Dell for PCs and notebooks. "All of our standard configurations are [on the Premier Pages], and so is the pricing," he says. "So I just go.


I just put in the quantity. I don't have to fool around getting quotes all the time." Early on, Informix was uncertain about whether it would order this way, both for the novelty and concerns that it would take longer. Those concerns quickly dissipated. "Once we started playing with [the online system], it became obvious we could save a lot of time. We're now talking to other vendors to see if we can do the same with them."

Of course, Dell is well known to tech companies. But it also has a substantial customer base in government and the Fortune 500. Selling to big customers highlights some squishy accounting in Dell's 50-percent online-sales goal. Winning business, online or not, from the likes of Ford and other large customers, is a huge effort.


It takes platoons of sales people, technical briefings and intervention from top executives who help close deals. The idea of buying online may not figure into a customer's decision to go with Dell. But if the customer chooses to buy online after Dell wins the account, all orders count toward online sales figures.

Getting the attention of big customers, then, is one of Dell's biggest jobs. The company is sure it can win accounts when it's in the running, but getting into the running isn't all that easy when competitors like IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq tout their soup-to-nuts abilities. While Dell has increasingly moved into the server market-and recently began selling higher-end storage systems-it ultimately is a Wintel company.

Market perception therefore still relegates Dell to the old "mail order" niche, says Scott Helbing, Dell's vp of corporate brand strategy. "We're trying to make clear we're a multi-billion-dollar, global company, with significant bricks and mortar here that we can bring to bear on the equation-full service, anything you'd want from a computer company."

Helbing says Dell is clearly identified as a "first-tier" manufacturer in its target segments. But the company is "considered"-that is, it makes the final cut of vendors invited to submit detailed bids-far less often than it would like. "We have about a 22 percent consideration rate," Helbing says. But "the good news is the highest number in any research we've seen is Compaq, at 44 percent."

Therein lies an opportunity-particularly because even a 44 percent consideration rate is low compared to top-tier companies in other businesses. Dell's immediate goal in a major branding campaign, then, is to move the consideration figure from the low 20s to 35 percent. "We know we have strong conversion rates when we're considered," he says.

That branding effort has hit some serious speed bumps, however. Early this year, Dell selected J. Walter Thompson to create a brand campaign-Dell won't confirm reports of expected billings of $100 million but then fired the agency in favor of BBDO. "We didn't get ads we felt explained Dell and our personality," Helbing says.

When the campaign does finally re-launch, it'll expand on traditional Dell themes: "Dell offers unprecedented accountability in its ability to uniquely respond to every customer," Helbing says. There's an emotional component, because customers are "looking for a net to grab when something goes wrong." The rational part of the pitch goes back to the company's understanding of a notion perfected by the web: mass customization.

In offering this, Dell will promote flexibility and efficiency, plus the value in the build-to-order system where, in theory, the company can provide every customer with the same kind of service and support, Helbing says. What role will the Net itself play in communications? "It won't be the focus," Helbing says, "but it'll play a key role in everything."

The pitch differs by the audience, but the web is a constant-all part of a company policy to drive customers online, says Mike Massaro, COO at Goldberg Moser O'Neill in San Francisco, which handles Dell's product and segment advertising. Over the last two or three years, Massaro says, advertising has evolved from pointing to toll-free numbers to a point where "the primary call to action is becoming dell.com."

Indeed, most PC consumers know Dell's ads for their configurations, requisite fine print, 800 number and web address. But it's different in the relationship-segment campaigns. "In certain segments you want to be very vertical," Massaro says, discussing things that specific purchasers might find compelling.





sucessfull stats about

Michael Dell's Per Diem Web


happy client






expert team

The media mix remains strongly tilted toward print, with some broadcast and a small but increasing amount online. "I'm not sure if people have figured out advertising online," Massaro says. "It's still in its infancy." The bigger the potential customer, the more you'll find the ads focus on things like servers, where some of Dell's best margins exist. But even when Dell gets a large account, converting it to online purchasing isn't simple. Dell does plenty of business with the government, but doesn't sell much online to the government or schools. Chris Gehring, director of online business development for the public segment, says this is the most immature segment in online sales due to the public sector's typically rigid purchasing systems.

But government buyers increasingly are heading to dell.com, and Gehring expects it'll be a matter of time before the company can persuade the public sector to buy there, too. Looking ahead, moving sales online may come easier than maintaining the growth that has made Dell stock one of Wall Street's rocket ships in recent years. Yet company execs exude confidence, pointing out the room left to grow. In the face of the Asian economic mess, Dell has continued to grow even there-and at very fast rates. In the end, Michael Dell himself wants most of all to grow faster than the rest of the industry, something he's had no trouble doing lately. So what worries Dell? Not much, except failing to drive efficiency, executives say. One worry may be that some on Wall Street are convinced that Dell's stock is a bubble. As of late October, the company was leading the list of short interest-shares sold short by those expecting the price to drop-on Nasdaq.

Dell may also have a weakness in another part of the company's business model. No company is more beholden to Microsoft and Intel than Dell-Microsoft in particular. Intel's recently revived competition is actually good for Dell's semiconductor buying power. But Microsoft's constant delays in the next generation of Windows NT, now Windows 2000, have left Dell vulnerable on the highly profitable server side if Linux or other Unix variants make a strong move. Michael Dell's embarrassing performance before a U.S. Senate committee earlier this year, when he obsequiously defended Bill Gates and flubbed an explanation of why he wouldn't load Netscape Navigator on his computers despite the demand, was more a demonstration of his weakness than he may have realized.

Does Dell fear its competition? Not to hear the company's execs, who keep pointing out that a company can't be half-channel/half- direct if it wants to be as efficient as Dell Computer. In the consumer market, Dell has made a clever move in partnering with phone and cable companies to offer soup-to-nuts high-speed Internet access via DSL and cable modems. Michael Dell says he doesn't care whether the cable or phone companies win; he just likes that an enormous percentage of people who get high-speed Net access buy new computers soon after. But it's hard to see how Dell will overtake Gateway here, which seems to have a much clearer understanding of what people do with computers at home.

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